Trent Shelton

CEO and Founder of Rehab Time Organization

Born September 21, 1984 in Little Rock, Arkansas, and was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father then transferred his job and moved Trent and his family to Ft. Worth, Texas in his early teens. Shelton was a well-known athlete in the state of Texas in multiple sports, but decided to sign a letter of intent to play college football at Baylor University after graduating for North Crowley High School in Ft. Worth, TX in 2002. In 2007, after a highly successful college career and graduating Baylor University with a degree in Speech Communications, the NFL took notice of Trent's talents and since then he has been with teams such as the Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, and the Seattle Seahawks. Aside from his athletic success, Trent always believed in "Life after Sports" and his biggest accolade is in the founding of the Rehab Time Organization.

Trent felt a change was needed within his mind, body, and soul. Trent Shelton then had an epiphany, and told him-self, "Today, I'm getting rid of everything toxic in his life, and I want to give back to God." He held himself accountable of what he said he was going to do. He quickly went into conditioning his body, went on a strict diet, and dug deeper into his faith. He started to publicly post videos and blogs on blogtv.com, and other online sites, about what he was currently going through. What originally started as a way to help him-self get through his life's trials and grow quickly turned into a wave that grew to affect more and more lives. Others could re-late with his online post, videos, and over all the wisdom Trent shared, and they started to respond. They asked questions, and he answered. One day he posted on Blogtv.com, and someone asked, "What motivates you," and from that point he realized it was the people. So many other people could re-late, and he wasn't alone, and Rehab Time was born. He then went on to collaborate with Baylor Barbee, who saw Trent's vision and created the Rehab Time website www.RehabTime.org. Together they started to motivate and inspire via Ustream and blogs. Rehab time grew from there.

Rehab Time has now become a worldwide institution for positive change, helping many improve their lives, and Shelton is passionate about it. Under the Rehab Time umbrella Trent has created multiple free workout groups, written a book, and has had many speaking engagements. Growing up a preacher's son (George Shelton of the Lord's House), Trent is well grounded in scripture and it adds to his effectiveness as a speaker. He continues to spread knowledge, motivation, and give leadership advice on the web. Every day he inspires thousands of people online, and in his everyday life. Trent is also apart of the whosay.com network, which is an INVITE ONLY celebrity platform. On October 20, 2011, Shelton was named the, "The #20 most motivational person on the worldwide web" with Bill Gates at #21 and Oprah at #1, by Under30Ceo.com. A devoted Father, CEO, Founder, Motivational Speaker, Athlete, Strength Coach, and Philanthropist, a leader, Trent Shelton holds all of those titles, but most importantly he is a man of God. Mr. Shelton is not done yet. He continues to innovate more ways in Rehab Time to improve the lives of others and lead them in the right direction, instilling value in each person.